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Mobile Apps Overview


ZAP Media's mobile app service provides a revolutionary mobile app system designed to help businesses create and manage their own mobile applications. With our app, businesses can quickly and easily create and customize their apps, giving them the power to reach their customers on their favourite devices.


Our app system provides businesses with a comprehensive suite of tools to help them create, re-create, and manage their apps. From building custom designs and layouts, to managing content and analytics, eCommerce, scheduling and more. This CMS style system has everything businesses need to innovate and manage their own mobile apps.


The CMS-style control panel provides businesses with a powerful platform to help them manage their apps and engage their customers. By integrating with popular social networks, businesses can easily target their customers and drive sales and engagement.


The ZAP Media app platform is easy to use and highly customizable, allowing businesses to manage apps that perfectly fit their needs. With their own mobile app, businesses can create powerful, engaging marketing campaigns that reach their customers on their favourite devices.



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