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A Live Mobile App System Like You've Never Seen!


ZAP Media has been providing mobile apps to radio stations since 2012, and much like our radio websites, we never need to change platforms because the open-source software we use keeps up with industry changes and continues to provide a robust set of features and tools.


Let's start with some of the obvious basics...


Live Radio Streaming?

- Check!


On-Demand Integration?

- Check!



- Check!


Concerts, Events, and Venues?

- Check! Check! and Check!


Push Notifications?

- Ding!


Make live changes and users see it immediately?

- Check!


Advertising, promotions, social media, in-app messaging, direct user messaging, content via RSS feeds, eCommerce, membership with hidden pages, loyalty program, QR Code scanner, and more?




Click here to review the standard set of features.


Contact us today for a free consultation, and take one of our apps for a test-drive!