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Radio Station Websites


Are you looking for a radio station website that's built by someone who understands radio? 

web wave983Standard Radio Station Website


Look no furher.  ZAP Media's owner has been directly employed by independent radio broadcasters in Canada since 2011 (currently on-staff with Durham Radio Inc.). We have also helped build a Radio Sales Resource Center now used by 100s of radio and television stations in the USA and Canada.


Our Radio Station Website platform is designed with streaming integration, so you can easily broadcast your station live to listeners around the world.  On-Demand integration is not a problem for most major platforms, and we can build custom audio setups for you if you have special needs. 


Our radio station websites are also social media friendly. We can help you integrate your station with popular social media networks, allowing your followers to quickly access your content. Automation systems are available for scheduling and managing your posts and audience engagement.  We also have experience with most social network APIs and can help with Facebook apps and advertising.


We offer a robust Concerts and Events calendar that has a community component, and allows for event registration and many more features.  Network enabled community calendars, contesting, you name it!  We've worked in radio for over 13 years, integraitng websites, streaming, mobile apps, and smartspeakers, so we know all about it.  We even have a great Accessibility plugin for your sites!


We also specialize in display ad networks and most other forms of digital advertising; and we have plenty of great options for your station, and your sales team


If you need any advice when it comes to streaming providers, we have worked with some of the best and we're happy to chat with you about options, for free, any time you feel like giving us a call.


Check out some of our work below, and contact us today to learn more about how our platform can help your stations reach their full potential.





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