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This article will be continually updated with information about what to do if your current website is with Yellow Pages and you'd like help moving it somewhere else.

We'll eventually get into 'Reallocating your Yellow Pages Budget', but first....


1. Why should you move away from Yellow Pages, and their digital services?

We could drone on about experiences with our own clients, but this article sums it up well enough for us:

Is Yellow Pages Online Worth It?

2. Where do I find more info about my Yellow Pages Website?

Here is a link to Yellow Pages .ca - FAQ and Support & Contact Link:


3. How can ZAP Media Help?
  • We can help prepare a new place for your new responsive website.
  • ZAP can provide all the information you will need to make the transfer.
  • Our rebuild package is only $750, and you will own everything...forever!


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